Kaseya 101: 101 Ways Kaseya can make you more efficient

Written by Tullibo

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Kaseya 101: 101 ways Kaseya can improve the efficiency and profitability of your IT practice.

This series of blog articles started out as a list of tasks for one of my clients that was created to show staff what they could be using Kaseya for instead of doing things manually. As Kaseya is still a relatively new tool in the IT consulting world, there’s still plenty of people around who haven’t heard of it or know what it’s capable of doing. My client was tired of explaining Kaseya to every new staff member hence this list which is now a series of blog articles came to life!

To give you some insight into how much time Kaseya can actually save you, I’ll also provide a rough time saving comparison between the pre-Kaseya method and the Kaseya method. This isn’t going to be 100% accurate for everyone but you get the general idea.

So here it is, 101 ways Kaseya can make your staff more efficient.

No 1:Reset user passwords in around 90-120 seconds.


Old way:

  1. Log into a server or domain controller.
  2. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers folder
  3. Find the user
  4. Reset the password
  5. Close AD Users and Computers
  6. Logoff RDP session
  7. Close VPN connection.
    *this assumes you’re not using other tools such as LogMeInRescue etc

Total time required:
5 – 10 minutes depending on how quickly you can find doco, whether you have PPTP VPN connection setup etc.

New way:

  1. Click the Remote Control tab in Kaseya
  2. Choose your machine group
  3. Choose the domain controllers View Filter
  4. Enter the user’s username and new password
  5. Select a Domain Controller Server and hit Apply
  6. Wait 15 seconds and refresh page to confirm the command has completed successfully.

Total time required:
1 – 2 minutes depending on whether you’re already logged into the Kaseya web console

4 – 8 minutes!