Kaseya 101 Part 2:Show machines without AV

Written by Tullibo

Topics: Kaseya

Kaseya 101 Part 2: Determine which machines don’t have antivirus software installed.


This post is number 2 in the Kaseya 101 series showing you 101 ways to improve the profitability of your IT practice using Kaseya.

No 2:Determine which machines have no antivirus installed in approximately 10 seconds**
Note that this requires some prep time at first to setup your Custom View.

Old way:
Log into the antivirus server.
Open the antivirus console and logon
Show the list of clients with AV installed
Match this list up against the PCs at the site and then from there try to match this up against the PCs for the site.
Roll out AV as necessary
*this assumes you’re not using other tools such as LogMeInRescue etc

Total time required:
10 – 20 minutes depending on how many machines at the site and how well you know the site.

New way:
Choose your machine group in Kaseya
Choose your machines missing antivirus View Filter
Refresh the page and you’ll then be presented with a list of machines missing antivirus software!

Total time required:
< 1 minute depending on whether you’re already logged into the Kaseya web console

9 – 19 minutes!