How to improve the effectiveness of your Google Adwords Campaigns

Written by Tullibo

Topics: Featured, Marketing



I think adwords is fantastic. For less than a buck, you can get your business website listed on Google for search terms that relate directly to the products and services you sell.

Many businesses dabble in Google Adwords, some with success, others not so much. Adwords can be an expensive proposition and if you make a mistake it can be costly but here’s one quick way you can improve (probably dramatically improve!) the effectiveness of your Adwords campaigns. You’ve probably even thought about this yourself before.

Here’s the secret: Harness the power of spelling mistakes.

How often do you type the wrong search term into Google? I do it at least a few times a day. If you do regularly use Adwords then you’ve probably got a few common mis-spellings of your company name or key product or service in the list of keywords. It’s not really economical to work out every mis-spelling by hand but here’s a simple tool that can automate the process for you and in doing so, unlock thousands of new search terms that you probably never thought of and what’s even better, few others or nobody else will be bidding on.

So here’s the tool I use: Keyword Typo Generator

All you need to do is load up the tool, type in common and relevant search terms for your business and the tool will spit out of list of mis-spelt keywords. From there, import the keyword list into your Google Adwords campaign and your done. Your business will now show for a whole new bunch of relevant search terms with little or no other competition!