Kaseya Desktop Alerting Tool – an EOI for an EOI

Written by BT

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While the Kaseya Dashboard can be useful for keeping on top of alerts in realtime, it can be annoying, buggy and unless you’re watching it constantly, alerts can be easily missed.

One of my clients attempted to resolve this problem and in their NOC/helpdesk they run a custom built dashboard solely dedicated to server offline alarms, but they found a couple of major problems with this:

  1. Consultants are busy and it may be 10+ minutes before they glance up at the dashboard and pickup on server down alerts – generally the client has called in before that anyway
  2. Consultants are based in multiple states and whilst not located at the NOC, many of these consultants may be assigned to helpdesk and NOC duties – without direct access to this dashboard, remote consultants found it difficult to track server offline alerts.

A Desktop Alert tool for Kaseya?

This clearly wasn’t good enough with over 400 servers under monitoring. So, in conjunction with this client, we developed a desktop application to alert their consultants in realtime when a server goes offline – the consultants are alerted via a popup and audible alarm. The solution has been working well for the past few months with a few refinements and iterations to the tool. (Sorry, no screenshots available as contains the client’s branding which they do not want made public)

They’re now at the stage where they want to expand the capability and flexibility of the tool. They’ve plonked down some cash to get the tool built and figure that the tool has worked well for them so surely there’s other MSPs who could benefit. So right now, they’re looking to offset the cost of software development by commercializing the tool and sharing with the community – that’s where you come in!

Register your EOI in the comments section…

Before creating a formal EOI for the tool and investing a heap of time into the project, we want to know whether you as an MSP would be interested in such a tool and if so, please post in the comments. If we get enough traction in the comments section over the next 30 days we’ll open up a formal EOI and get started on the project. We’ll be looking to a freemium model for the tool, with the free version limited in some way, most likely ad driven and the pro/premium version and pay per license monthly subscription model (no more than a couple of bucks per month per user).

So, what do you think? Could this be useful in your MSP business?