Massive MSP opportunity – Mac Support

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I’m really excited about the new iPad revealed last week. In fact, I’m really excited about Apple in general at the moment. A month ago I made the switch to a Macbook Pro fulltime because I’ve simply had enough of Windows. Win7 is simply too little too late. The elegancy and performance of Mac OS wins hands down every time. I love my new MBP…its just ridiculously fast compared to my old Windows notebook.

A growing trend towards Apple hardware in the SMB/SME space…

Talking with a few different clients over the past fews months, I’ve noticed a new trend occurring. CEO & Exec level staff at companies they support are heavily leaning towards iPhone and ditching their old Blackberry handsets. A lot of these guys have also ditched their Windows notebooks in favour of a Macbook (granted a lot are still running Windows on top of Parallels or VMware). Staff working for these MSPs seem to be moving towards Apple too opting to use their own personal MBPs at work too.

So here’s the thing, 2-3 years ago, many MSPs wouldn’t have even thought of supporting Apple machines or equipment. 18 months ago – many were forced into a position where they had to. Sure, the majority of machines on networks they managed were Windows boxes with a couple of Macs so not a big deal. Today, if the CEO of a SME business you support is ditching his beloved Blackberry and Windows notebook for an iPhone and Macbook Pro, you can be certain than 18 months down the track, he’ll be much more inclined to look at rolling out more Apple machines in that business.

MSPMentor could only find 1 Mac MSP firm?

So here’s the opportunity that I don’t think anyone in the MSP sector is really leveraging except maybe for these guys: found an Apple friendly MSP firm
Build some internal capability to support Mac machines and start promoting yourself as a capable Apple & Mac support provider.

At a time when the MSP market is becoming heavily commoditized, you need something to help you stand out from the rest and here is something that’s really simple. A lot of MSPs shun Macs because they don’t need much (any?) maintenance, rarely need patches and simply just work. The reality is, users need support regardless of what machine they’re running. The fact that Macs need significantly less maintenance than a Windows box is even more reason why you should be pushing into this vertical market.

Would love to hear your take on supporting Macs….post in the comments.