Systems & Process Improvement: some must read resources

Written by BT

Topics: Business, Featured

If you’re anywhere on the systems or process improvement trail, you should check out the latest blog post at where the guys at Muselife interview the author of the book “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter. (they’re also giving away free PDF copies so definitely worth the visit!)

While you’re there, you should also have out David Walsh’s ebook, Source Control. As David says, “if you’re not outsourcing, you’re either about to get crushed by someone who is, or wasting time on worthless tasks.”

Nowhere in my mind is this more true than in the MSP market where we’re now at MSP 2.0. Everybody is using the same tools and price is now becoming a differentiator – ultimately, cost pressures are going to go up and outsourcing the routine, mundane, boring and specialized tasks is a smart way to cut costs. Outsourcing is hard, but David’s book really helps simplify the process.