Argh! AVG9 headaches & crashing: Kaseya (the company) drives me nuts sometimes

Written by BT

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So if you follow me on twitter you’ll have seen my rant I had a few days ago about AVG9 problems and server freezing & crashing along with some stuff directed to @kaseyacorp re actively notifying clients of known issues.

Starting at the beginning – I’ve been working with a client on a Netware & Groupwise to Windows & Exchange 2010 migration. It’s in the final steps and we’re in the process of unplugging the old Netware gear and cleaning up minor tasks left behind.

The solution is a combination of data centre hosted VMs and a physical box onsite. Its been a difficult migration but all has been working well for a couple of months until the Exchange box locked up about two weeks ago, *almost* unresponsive. The weird thing was, mouse movements worked on the console, the box was accepting OWA/webmail connections through a web browser but wouldn’t allow SMTP connections or allow any Outlook clients to connect.

Fair enough, we’d been playing with the VM snapshot backups and VSS and figured it had broken something, hard booted the box and it’s been running fine every since.

I hate weird server crashes

Then comes Monday, the physical box onsite locks up with the exact same problem. Hmmm…coincidence? I think not. What do they have in common? One box is physical, one is a VM, can’t be a VM or hardware issue. Hmmm, both Win2008 boxes, same patch level, could be an MS update problem or Win2008 issue. Both running Kaseya & KES. Well, plenty of other Win2008 + KES servers about but these are missing about 15 odd MS patches since put into production. Lets roll out those badboys and log a case with Microsoft.

Crashedy crash crash crash…

Tuesday rolls around – I get a call in the morning, one of the other boxes has locked up, same problem again. One of the data centre domain controller VMs…..well this is getting awkward, fortunately the client didn’t notice this lockup. Looks like client signoff on this project is going to be delayed until we can work these bugs out.

So MS were completely useless. I logged a case on Monday. They suggested running Windowsupdates and then trying to do a manual memory dump the next time the issue happened. Great! The box isn’t blue screening and is unresponsive when it crashes, how am I supposed to do a memory dump? So, I took matters into my own hands because clearly I’m not getting anywhere in a hurry with Microsoft.

Kaseya agent v5.1.0.10

The client is running Kaseya 5.1 and the agents are at version. Turns out theres an agent version – thanks for the headsup Kaseya! Netter upgrade that agent version.
What else do all three boxes have in common? Hmm…KES/AVG
2 minutes and some snappy Google-izing later, I uncover a well known issue with AVG9 freezing boxes in the exact same manner as the three crashes on these boxes. Check the Kaseya forums, oh yeah, there’s multiple threads about the problem, oh, and with a workaround! Great

I then proceed to apply the workaround and all has been running sweet since.

Communication is key

So here’s my problem. I know that software issues happen. Bugs happen. Shit happens, its IT after all, stuff breaks all the time, we wouldn’t have a job if it didn’t. What really bugs me is that this is a known issue. From what I can see in the Kaseya forums, it’s been a known issue since January! Why then do I:

1-have to wait until this problem happens to me/clients I’m involved with, causing completely unnecessary downtime, stress and client angst
2-have to actively search for the potential existance of this particular problem
3-have to rely on a Kaseya end user workaround to resolve the problem

Selective hearing talking?

One thing that Kaseya is really good at is interacting on twitter. What I don’t get is that they have Twitter, Facebook (i think?), Kaseya forums, a blog, an email list and a knowledgebase and they still can’t advise clients of known issues, problems and their fixes.
For a company who’s primary business is software, this is absolutely beyond belief. Granted I tweeted this out and @cozthegrov @replied me right back and advised that they’re working on this in the Kaseya portal but frankly, I don’t care. For the last 3-4 years Kaseya has happily send me marketing emails at regular intervals, why can’t they have a second email list that advises clients of known issues, workarounds and also things like what the Kserver updates they roll out actually do!

There’s a lot of Labtech ranting on twitter lately and a lot of Kaseya bashing re K2 support…I totally understand the frustration and at the same time think that it’s a lot of noise over nothing and disagree whole-heartedly about the K bashing and labtech ship jumping. On the flipside, I think its time Kaseya got their asses into gear and started acting like a real software company.

Here’s my immediate right now Kaseya wishlist – to me, this doesn’t need to wait for the new Kaseya portal, it needs to happen right now, as in this week:

1-an email list I can subscribe to where I can get notified of known issues & notification of Kserver updates PRIOR to them being auto rolled out
2-ability to subscribe to knowledgebase updates so I get notified when new articles are published
3-a unified front across all Kaseya social media, I current need to watch Twitter, Kaseya Forums and the blog just to stay on top of things, why can’t important updates be published across all mediums?
4-an update on how Kaseya 2 deployments are going and regular updates on bug fixes/issues. With all the noise going on, I’m hesitant to get involved with K2

What are your thoughts?  A lot of noise on the net about K2 support & Labtech at the moment…how’s your Kaseya experience been lately?