How to Configure Kaseya Antivirus/Kaseya Endpoint Security (KES)

Written by BT

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Have been seeing a lot on the net lately about KES (Kaseya Endpoint Security) working/not working, how AVG works great or how its rubbish. Personally, I love KES (my recent rant aside)

To me, you could easily double the value you get out of Kaseya by switching all your clients to KES. Its not really about the dollars you bring in the door (although I did write another post about making 400%+ margin selling KES), to me its about not having to manage 50, 100 or 200+ odd antivirus consoles out there in the wild. The time saving there alone would justify giving KES away for free.

Bla bla bla, my antivirus is better than yours…

I’m tired of seeing arguments in forums about this antivirus is better than that antivirus. In the past 12-15 years of being in this space my experience tells me they’re almost all identical and the effectiveness of the top of the top tier commercial AV products compared with the bottom of the top tier may be 5-10%, IMO, this is almost nothing. Besides, endpoint security is only one piece of the security puzzle, if you’re not employing IPS/realtime AV at the network level using devices like Fortinet Fortgate Firewalls, Cisco PIX or Watchguard Firebox along with inline email scanning services like Messagelabs then you have failed, you aren’t doing your job properly.

To me, having a central console to manage AV deployments across all clients with the ability to ensure, at a glance, with very little time cost, that AV is deployed site wide with no gaps, beats the 5-10% advantage I may get by using the top tier product (effectiveness changes with every version, almost yearly anyway so the top usually isn’t the top for long). I feel much more comfortable knowing AV is rolled out everywhere, without any machines missing it. A single machine without AV installed is a much bigger risk than using a product that might be a tiny bit weaker overall.

I agree, AVG isn’t perfect but is still good – here’s how I do it

I’ll admit that AVG is “good” but not “great” and tech savvy clients may bawk at paying for it due to the over-exposure of AVG Free in the wild. Out of the box with default settings, AVG is actually quite rubbish. All their link scanning and webshield garbage is just bloatware IMO and as per my previous point, there are better ways to protect from web based threats.

So, to the point, here’s my KES installation checklist. It’s not pretty looking, but it works, and works good! I have this config running over 2000+ machines without a hiccup (bar the recent AVG bug). Download it, try it, check it out, post some feedback, ask questions, let me know what you think either way! Oh, and if you’re really stuck, you can always Hire Me and I’ll fix your KES for you 🙂

Click here to download Kaseya Endpoint Security Setup Checklist (PDF)