Kaseya odds & ends and some MSP marketing stuff…

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I’ve been neglecting this blog for the last several months as have had quite a lot on my plate. Basically, between myself and some other business friends we secured a sizeable chunk of government funding to deliver workshops to small business owners around online marketing. So between consulting and workshops and being on the road 1-2 weeks a month I’ve had a lot on my plate and some things have had to take a back seat. (Here’s some happy snaps…click here and click here too)

If you’ve read my “About” page on the site you’ll know in a former life I ran an online retail store. That business grew extremely rapidly through leveraging online marketing techniques, primarily SEO & old school social media. I now do ongoing consulting for a handful of online retail stores helping them with building their businesses online.

How-to Marketing stuff for MSPs

After reading Mike Cooch’s latest blog post he does paint a pretty clear picture of how badly MSPs market and sell themselves. While there’s plenty of technology to help MSPs do business better there’s only a handful of people that MSPs can turn to for marketing and sales advice. If you don’t know the big ones, I’ve listed them below (please add any I’ve missed to the comments and I’ll update this post):

Gary Pica

Robin Robins


Stuart Selbst

I figure that I might as well pitch in and share the love so over the next few months I’m going to rollout some posts around online marketing and see how they’re received – I think the guys above have the strategy stuff pretty well covered so I’m going to share some tactics, more “What To Do” and “How To Do it” around online marketing. Some of it is common-sense mainstream online marketing stuff, some of it you’ll only know about if you’re heavily in the online marketing space, either way, looking at some of the MSP websites in the MSPMentor top 100 list, most MSPs have implemented neither.

Brightgauge.com – an up & coming tool to keep an eye on

I tweeted this out the other day, if you missed it then this is one to keep an eye on, particularly for newer MSPs who are still feeling their way around Kaseya’s reporting engine.

Check out www.brightgauge.com which is scheduled to launch in Jan 2011

Basically, its a dashboard and reporting tool that sits over the top of Kaseya & Connectwise…like they say in their website copy, this could be an invaluable sales tool!

Kaseya2 upgrade – time to upgrade now

I’ve had a lot of emails come through this month about Kaseya 2, is it any good? should I upgrade? what should I watch out for? – I figure that everyone has been working through their todo lists in the leadup to Thanksgiving and looking to get some of the bigger action items ticked off the list.

The quick answer is upgrade now!

My experience now is that K2 is as stable as its ever going to be and the scheduling engine and some of the improvements now make this a really worthwhile upgrade. Kaseya has done a good job ironing out the bugs and apart from general support stuff, I haven’t really seen any major issues for a few months now.

The new 6.1 version of the VSA is also due out soon and the improvements scheduled for the new .1 upgrade will leave MSPs who’ve haven’t upgraded at a disadvantage. I’m sure 6.1 is going to have some bugs so if you haven’t bitten the bullet and moved to K2 I say do it now, iron out the bugs over the holiday period when things should be fairly quiet and then look at the 6.1 upgrade towards end of Q1 next year.

If you have an K2 upgrade feedback, please share in the comments!