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Two Fantastic Resources to help you become more effective & efficient in 2011

11 January 2011


There's two resources I'm continually recommending to people I know and business owners I work with, that everyone seems to get enormous value from. I reread these two at least once a year and find they help me break out of bad habits I've inadvertently slipped into and retrain my focus.

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Kaseya odds & ends and some MSP marketing stuff…

29 November 2010

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I’ve been neglecting this blog for the last several months as have had quite a lot on my plate. Basically, between myself and some other business friends we secured a sizeable chunk of government funding to deliver workshops to small business owners around online marketing. So between consulting and workshops and being on the road […]

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Systems & Process Improvement: some must read resources

2 March 2010

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If you’re anywhere on the systems or process improvement trail, you should check out the latest blog post at where the guys at Muselife interview the author of the book “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter. (they’re also giving away free PDF copies so definitely worth the visit!) While you’re there, you should also […]

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Massive MSP opportunity – Mac Support

31 January 2010


I’m really excited about the new iPad revealed last week. In fact, I’m really excited about Apple in general at the moment. A month ago I made the switch to a Macbook Pro fulltime because I’ve simply had enough of Windows. Win7 is simply too little too late. The elegancy and performance of Mac OS […]

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Couple of great MSP resources

19 January 2010


I’ve been hearing quite a lot about Gary Pica and Robin Robins lately from quite a few MSPs, I haven’t personally used their programs/toolkits but there are a lot of good things being said around the traps. If you’re looking to improve your marketing and sales efforts you should check them both out at the […]

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Quality ALWAYS costs less…in the long run

17 November 2009

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Here's something for you to think about in your MSP business or any other business for that matter. Quality ALWAYS costs less in the long run

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