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Systems & Process Improvement: some must read resources

2 March 2010

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If you’re anywhere on the systems or process improvement trail, you should check out the latest blog post at where the guys at Muselife interview the author of the book “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter. (they’re also giving away free PDF copies so definitely worth the visit!) While you’re there, you should also […]

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Kaseya Desktop Alerting Tool – an EOI for an EOI

29 December 2009


While the Kaseya Dashboard can be useful for keeping on top of alerts in realtime, it can be annoying, buggy and unless you’re watching it constantly, alerts can be easily missed. One of my clients attempted to resolve this problem and in their NOC/helpdesk they run a custom built dashboard solely dedicated to server offline […]

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How to improve the effectiveness of your Google Adwords Campaigns

24 November 2009


I LOVE GOOGLE ADWORDS! I think adwords is fantastic. For less than a buck, you can get your business website listed on Google for search terms that relate directly to the products and services you sell. Many businesses dabble in Google Adwords, some with success, others not so much. Adwords can be an expensive proposition […]

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A smarter way to handle Kaseya Low Disk Space Alerts for PCs

29 October 2009


It still amazes me the volume and number of alerts and events that MSPs are handling “manually” or with human labour when Kaseya can in many instances auto-heal or auto-resolve the problem. One area where this is really evident is around disk space monitoring on workstations or end user PCs. I’ve seen many MSPs handle […]

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A bulletproof way to configure your Kaseya patch management

23 October 2009


Here's my bulletproof method for configuring Kaseya patch management. I've deployed this configuration quite a number of times and it has proved to be rock solid.

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